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To all the Denny fans out there that think JDM should not have been killed off GA. I made a BRING BACK DENNY (denny lovers)THREAD on the abc.com message board (even if you don't believe Denny can come back but u love him) go there and post (everyday if possible) and help keep the thread high. Also post comments on Shonda's blog at greyswriters.com everyday too about how she shouldn't have kill Denny and you want him back. I also know that Shonda is making a new show for Denny that seems fishy to me for these reason. Shonda herself has said that she is 100% dedicated to Greys Anatomy if that is true then doing two shows does not make that true. Plus the only actor that is said to be invovled in this new show is JDM. If Shonda wanted to bring Denny back but didn't want people to find out about it she would put him on contract and say it is for another show. All I am saying is that there is some hope of getting Denny back even if it may be very little but no one knows for sure until season 3 starts.
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